Deluxe Citrus Packs

Florida oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, coconut patties, tropical jams

Fresh Florida Citrus PLUS 2 Jars of Tropical Jellies/Jams and 1 Box of Coconut Patties

Our superior Fresh Florida Citrus is packed with a box of mouth-watering coconut patties (dipped in chocolate) and two of our assorted jellies, jams or marmalades. Brush these tropical tastes on ham or poultry for a delicious glaze. Spread on toast, biscuits, muffins or bagels for a wonderful treat!

All of our Fresh Florida Citrus is 100% Guaranteed!

No. 15D… Appx. 1/5 Bushel … $34.99
No. 13D… Appx. 1/4 Bushel … $39.99
No. 25D… Appx. 2/5 Bushel … $43.99
No. 30D… Appx. 1/2 Bushel … $46.99
No. 42D… Appx. 3/4 Bushel … $51.99
No. 55D… Appx. Full Bushel… $56.99

You can choose from All ORANGES, All GRAPEFRUIT, or MIXED.

If you would like Specialty Fruit, please add $2.00 per tray to your order. Shipping & Handling is extra.

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