Super Deluxe Citrus Packs

Florida oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, tropical jams, pecans, coconut patties, pecan log

The Super Deluxe is Packed with All Sorts of Tropical Delights and Fresh Florida Citrus!

Packed with Florida Fresh Citrus AND many delicious gourmet items such as: chocolate fudge alligator, creamy coconut patties, pecan log roll, tropical jellies or marmalades, orange blossom honey and southern pecans!

What a gift for the whole family!

No. 15SD… Appx. 1/5 Bushel … $39.99
No. 13SD… Appx. 1/4 Bushel … $45.99
No. 25SD… Appx. 2/5 Bushel … $48.99
No. 30SD… Appx. 1/2 Bushel … $51.99
No. 42SD… Appx. 3/4 Bushel … $56.99
No. 55SD… Appx. Full Bushel… $61.99

You can choose from All ORANGES, All GRAPEFRUIT, or MIXED.

If you would like to have Specialty Fruit, please add $2.00 per tray. Shipping & Handling is extra.

All of our Fresh Florida Citrus is 100% Guaranteed!

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