Visit the Attraction

Wildlife Park – Visit and view monkeys, zedonks, alligators, birds, goats, sheep, kangaroos, coatamundi, lemurs, deer and much more – even feed the animals – Enjoy the many aquariums featuring Gulf fish species.

Dinosaur Cave – explore the ancient creatures if you dare…

Mini Golf – 18 holes of the most fun you can have golfing in the area

DinoMight Gold Mine – Get your bag of miner’s mud and see how much “gold” you can mine from it. Then trade your “gold” for prizes in the gift shop!

Aviary – Encounter many tropical birds, including red macaws, blue macaws, cockatiels, parrots, love birds and more – some caged and some in free flight!

Art Gallery – featuring James Oleson, with changing exhibits.

Huge Florida Tourist Trap Gift Shop – get yourself the “real stuff,” like shell creations, shark teeth, t-shirts, jellies and jams, sauces and coconut patties that you know you want.

Hand Dipped Ice Cream Parlor – Enjoy a hand-dipped cone, cup, sundae or MONDO Banana Split!